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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime

Taking a bite out of crime is the first thing this precious 8 lb. police dog pup has on her mind these days. Meet Midge the friendly drug sniffing chihuahua-rat terrier and her colleague Brutus. Midge has gone down in history as the smallest drug sniffing police dog in the world in the Guiness Book of World Records...and she means business as usual. See her video HERE as she combs an area seeking out drugs. Don't let her size fool you....she is just as well thought of in the police business as her friend Brutus above.

Here is an article about Midge!

By Michael O'Mara

Drug sniffing chihuahua is now in the Guinness Book of World Records. We first introduced you to little "Midge" ten months ago when she was just a puppy. Since then, "Midge" has charmed even the most cynical residents of Geauga county, including her partner in police work, "Brutus" the sheriff department's big German Sheppard.
"Midge" has now passed her test and recieved her certification as a real K-9 drug detector in the state of Ohio.
Her boss and trainer, Geauga County Sheriff, Dan McClelland, will take the small dog anywhere he has to go. They are ready in the event that the department needs "Midge" to go to work.
The 8 pound chihuahua/rat terrier mix has now set the world record as the smallest drug dog on the planet. The Guinness Book of World Records sent the Sheriff's Department the certificate to recognize the achievement.
"Midge is the little dog, the underdog, said Sheriff McClelland. "It's the fact that a small dog is doing big things that so impressive."
The tiny dog has become a huge celebrity. Open up a tabloid magazine like the National Examiner and there is "Midge" getting the star treatment.
"Midge" has shown up in newspapers and magazine articles as far away as Switzerland and China. Some of her fans even send her gifts like a camoflauge vest, hand painted portraits, and scarves.
Chat with residents in dowtown Chardon, Ohio and almost everybody knows the story about the small dog.
Said resident, Linda Inghram, "everybody has seen little Midge."
Vickie Intihar said "Midge is just too cute to resist".
Glen Miller, the editor for the Geauga County Maple Leaf newspaper, said "Midge" became an immediate sensation.
Said Miller, "Midge is small and he's lovable. Oops, I mean "she". Midge is just so different."
The little crime fighting dog is so popular that she has her own trading cards. The Sheriff's Department has already handed out five thousand "Midge" cards.
It's very clear, that "Midge" is a star. Fan mail for "Midge" can be sent to: