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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well Spring is in the air here in New Zealand, but I am imagining that many of you in other parts of the world are sad to see the Summer come to an end. So much for the picnics and barbecues. As quickly as September has arrived October will be just right around the corner, and I am putting out a little reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Having said that I have designed a free Breast Cancer Awarenss Desktop Wallpaper for your computer. I have had a lot of good feedback over the past couple of years for the ones I have made, and I hope you will feel free to help yourself by just clicking on the image above. When the image is enlarged just right click on the image with your mouse and 'Save As' and choose a folder on your hard drive in which to save it. Then you can go from there to place it as a wallpaper on your computer. For those that may never have done this before and need some help as to how to have it show up on your screen, just message me and I will send you a brief mini tutorial on how to do it. It is extremely easy and you should not have any difficulty with it at all. All I would ask in return is that if you had just one minute to spare that you would go to The Breast Cancer Site at
and take 1 second to click the button on the homepage. By doing so free mammograms are made available to women which are paid by sponsors who advertise with The Breast Cancer Site. You can go back and click each day if you wish. It is just something special we can do to help this cause. And please feel free to pass on my Blog address to others that might also enjoy having this Destop Wallpaper. By the way the size of this wallpaper will accomodate screens with 1024 X 768 resolutions. Feel free to resize if needed.

Thank you!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Creature Of The Night ©

Another bleak and sleepless night.

Shadows of a fractured nightmare linger on the fragile spine of the nocturnal creature that sits beside my computer in the palm of my innermost thoughts.

At last, the once frightened creature of the night now slumbers restfully on his pad, as the sound of slurping coffee is heard faintly in the echoes of a tiresome yawn.

© Patti Watts July 17, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Spectrum


by Patti Hoesten-Watts

How mightily life's sword thrusts between the eyes, like fierce hailstones clamoring onto the unsuspecting pavement below. Is life all that it seems, or do we quietly and patiently sit by the window awaiting the joy of a rainbow in the formidable sky? What colors the spectrum of this rainbow? Perhaps a fiery red heart? What difference if it is not Valentine's Day. A green light signaling that one's line is not busy? A note of friendship written on the pale blue parchment paper hidden beneath the pile of promises to keep? The violet fragrance of the 'forget-me-not'? The yellow-orange butterfly heralding a season...a new season to help give wings to the fragile and the forgotten. As the rainbow gradually fades from view, so goes to, the concealed treasures that once could be found at the points at the ends of the spectrum.

Once again the new gale brings winds of hope; the hailstones which once pained, like tears on a sore and sorry eye now dwell on a sea of tranquility.... as a new colorful rainbow looms in the distance. ©

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Outdoor Kennels And How To Climatize Your Pets

Each year I dread the pitfalls of the winter months, especially for our two outdoor cats. We have three cats, one who spends a good deal of time in the house, but the other two are outdoor cats. Both Breezy Boy and Chloe were strays that found their way to us and have adopted us. They are very skittish about coming in the house, even though we would love for them to make our home theirs just like our dear old girl Fluffy. But they do prefer to stay outdoors even during the cold winter months. We wound up purchasing an outdoor kennel for them which they love and they enjoy being in there especially on cold nights. I suspect they even enjoy it more now since my husband "Climatized" the kennel for them a few months ago. The photos depict what my husband designed to make it warmer for them. You can read the following which my husband wrote of how it warms them during our cold winter days and nights.


Help keep your pet comfortable on a cold night. Two of our cats prefer to sleep outside (strange I know!) but they are semi-wild. As is usual with cats, they adopted us as their lifelong carers. We purchased a plastic kennel and placed it alongside a bordering fence a few metres along the path from our front doorway where there was some wind shelter provided by a wall between us and the neighbouring property. However, the kennel is a bare plastic shell and while it provides cover from rain and hail it does a poor job of keeping the animals warm during cold winter nights.
The photo shows a simple addition to the kennel using some kitchen foil and some old polystyrene foam packing material which will keep your pet warmer on those cold nights. Three lengths of foam plastic are first completely wrapped with standard kitchen aluminium foil and the foil is held on using adhesive tape (sellotape) - just like wrapping a parcel. The foil-covered foam lengths are then taped to the inner surface of the lid of the kennel using any good quality masking tape or other adhesive tape with enough strength to carry the weight of the foam. Cover as little of the foil as possible when taping the foil-covered foam to the lid. Before taping the foam to the lid, thoroughly degrease and cleam the inside surface of the lid using methylated spirits or other alcohol (soapy water would probably do it as long as the lid is allowed to dry thoroughly before attempting to apply the masking tape.
How it works: the foam itself will form an insulating barrier on the lid by trapping inside warm air rising from the animal/s and adding greatly to the thickness of the lid. The real fix though is the foil - it will reflect your pet's radiated (lost) heat straight back at the animal. It is a bit like having a low power heater attached to the upper surface of the lid. You can feel the effect for yourself by putting a hand inside the kennel when the lid is replaced after fitting the insulation. In effect you have created an insulated mirror with a semi-circular cross-section. You could also line the lower sides of the kennel with foam as well but we put a folded sack covered with a towel on the floor for them to sleep on and this partially covers the sides.

So if you have outdoor pets and are concerned about ways to keep them warm during the winter, do give this a try. I have often checked them as they come out of the kennel in the morning and they are as warm as toast. It truly works!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.
I was just thinking today about all the negativism going on in the world. It saddens me so that there is war, violence, crime, greed, hatred for others, bigotry, criticism, and well the list could go on from here to the moon. Isn't it about time that people woke up and realized that peace can never be achieved in this life unless we achieve that peace within ourselves first, and then when that peace has been ascertained we exude good feelings towards others.....and good thoughts and feelings are so contagious? Now I surely believe we will never see "Utopia", but we have to begin somewhere in our quest for world peace. Let it be.... even if it be in our own hearts. IMHO there are more people worthy of a good pat on the back, a gentle hug, a smile, a little kind word or two, then those few who may not necesarily be on our favorite's list. It would be sheer bliss if people would spend their efforts concentrating on the wonderfully positive side of life rather than adding more negativism to this already gloomy world some think we live in. Life is short....let's make it brighter!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ouch! It Hurts!

Well Summer is in the air for many of you, although it is just the beginning of Winter for me here in New Zealand....Grrrhhh!...and Brrrhhh! I just got to thinking today of how long it has been since I have done any blogging.....too long in fact. But I have needed some time for myself and some of my hobbies, and I have also just completed and extensive course over the past year in Medical Transcription. So I hope to be back to a more regular schedule now and look forward to doing a bit more blogging as well. Many thanks to so many of you who have faithfully kept up with the various RSS feeds on my Blog in my absence. I hope you have had some enjoyment along the way.
Well speaking of Summer I thought I would pass along some very interesting remedies I recently found for sunburn. It is that time of the year for many of you who love to go out and bake in the sun. Although I am definitely not a beach person, I can personally attest to the fact (and my Dermatologist would vouche for me on this too) that I have had skin cancer seven times. I spend little time outdoors in the sun except for driving and getting to and from my destination. I have to be so careful as I am extremely faired skin and burn to a crisp in kidding. So the outdoors is not my cup of tea. I also heard not to long ago that New Zealand where I live has the highest level of UV rays in the world, and even sun in the winter months can be detrimental to the skin. Anyway I am a great believer now in prevention. But the the following are some fascinating remedies if you wind up with a there is something here for everyone. But be good to yourself and prevent sunburn.....AND various forms of skin cancer simply by prevention. Read about it here.

It is good to be back!

Cheers From Patricia


Prevention is the best remedy here, if you can. Long-termresults from excessive exposure to the sun, such as skincancer and wrinkled skin, can be avoided with properprecautions. One of the best preventatives is to use a sun-screen with an SPF of 30 that offers protection against bothUVA and UVB rays. You can get as much sun sightseeing asbaking at the beach, so use sunscreen whenever you areoutdoors.Use an aloe vera lotion containing a sunblock. This will cutout 90% of the burning rays and allow 75% of the tanning raysto reach the skin.To speed healing take the following supplements for a few days after getting burned: 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 400 I.U. ofvitamin E, 15 mg of beta carotene, and 1-2 tablespoons (or about 3 capsules per teaspoon) of flaxseed oil, an essential fatty acid.Caution: don't ever cover a sunburn that is blistered or open with an ointment, oil, salve or butter, for it will make the area susceptible to infection.



Take as many leaves as necessary from an aloe plant;refrigerate; peel off top layer of leaves; apply the side of the leaf with flesh exposed directly to the sunburn. Other remedies use aloe vera juice: for mild to medium sunburn, keep the affected area moist with aloe vera juice. Repeat frequently.This will reduce the pain and the amount of peeling. Aloe vera ointment works well, too, as it contains oil and will not evaporate. For a severe sunburn, keep the area moist at all times with aloe vera juice. Since aloe vera is an astringent, you may want to use aloe vera ointment or some sort of oil, such as olive or baby. Aloe is very effective in relieving pain and inflammation. Combine aloe juice with ½ the amount of vitamin E. Dab on thesunburn. Vitamin E is a good moisturizer.
Apple cider vinegar:
Apply apple cider vinegar to the burn with a cottonball, or make a cooling compress for a large area to relieve the pain. Keep the skin moistened. This remedy will prevent blistering and peeling.
Aspirin kills the pain and reduces inflammation and redness of a sunburn. It short-circuits the whole sunburn process. It must be taken within 24 hours of getting sunburned. Aspirin is preferable to ibuprofen or acetaminophen because it is less stressful on the liver and kidneys. Or IbuProfen Not doesn't reduce imflamation...but does help with the pain
Baking soda:
Dissolve some baking soda in water and make acompress using a clean cloth. Another remedy is to add 1/2 cup of baking soda to a tepid bath and soak. Instead of drying the affected area with a towel, let it air dry. Baking soda is cooling and will help the skin retain moisture.
Add 20 drops of each of lavender and chamomile essential oils to a tubful of cool water and soak for 10 minutes.
Rub sunburned area with fresh cucumber slices. They are very cool and will soothe the area.
Epsom salts:
Dissolve epsom salts in water and make a compressusing a clean cloth.
Apply ice or cold water to the burned area. This will stop the burning process and cool the skin.
Mix 20-25 drops of lavender oil in one cup of water and bathe the sunburned area.
Lemon Water:
Mix the juice of three lemons into two cups of cold water and sponge on the sunburn. The lemon will cool the burn, act as a disinfectant, and will promote healing of the skin.
Make a compress of whole milk (or buttermilk) and apply to the burned area for 20 minutes; repeat every two to four hours. Wash the milk off so you won't smell sour! The fat content of the milk is soothing for burns.
Put some oatmeal in tepid bath water, soak for a few minutes, then air dry yourself.
Cover the area with cooking oil and sprinkle powdered ginger on the oil. This will promote healing.
Bruise an onion and rub on the burn.
Apply peppermint oil to the sunburned skin. You can also make a mild peppermint infusion and use it as a wash to cool the sunburn.
Grate a potato and apply it to the burned area. The starch will cool and soothe the burn.
Take a warm shower to draw out the heat of your sunburn. The warm water will increase circulation to the area while hydrating it, thereby speeding the healing process.
Make some tea, cool, and apply to the burn. While any tea may be beneficial, mint tea, such as peppermint or spearmint are especially good. The teas have tannins that help the healing process.
Apply plain yogurt with live cultures, let it stand for a few minutes, then rinse off under cool water. Another remedy using yogurt is to mix equal parts of yogurt and mashed strawberries and apply to the sunburned area for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
Caution! You may have sun poisoning if you experience chills,fever, or get blisters or a rash. See your physician!