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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well Spring is in the air here in New Zealand, but I am imagining that many of you in other parts of the world are sad to see the Summer come to an end. So much for the picnics and barbecues. As quickly as September has arrived October will be just right around the corner, and I am putting out a little reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Having said that I have designed a free Breast Cancer Awarenss Desktop Wallpaper for your computer. I have had a lot of good feedback over the past couple of years for the ones I have made, and I hope you will feel free to help yourself by just clicking on the image above. When the image is enlarged just right click on the image with your mouse and 'Save As' and choose a folder on your hard drive in which to save it. Then you can go from there to place it as a wallpaper on your computer. For those that may never have done this before and need some help as to how to have it show up on your screen, just message me and I will send you a brief mini tutorial on how to do it. It is extremely easy and you should not have any difficulty with it at all. All I would ask in return is that if you had just one minute to spare that you would go to The Breast Cancer Site at
and take 1 second to click the button on the homepage. By doing so free mammograms are made available to women which are paid by sponsors who advertise with The Breast Cancer Site. You can go back and click each day if you wish. It is just something special we can do to help this cause. And please feel free to pass on my Blog address to others that might also enjoy having this Destop Wallpaper. By the way the size of this wallpaper will accomodate screens with 1024 X 768 resolutions. Feel free to resize if needed.

Thank you!