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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Creature Of The Night ©

Another bleak and sleepless night.

Shadows of a fractured nightmare linger on the fragile spine of the nocturnal creature that sits beside my computer in the palm of my innermost thoughts.

At last, the once frightened creature of the night now slumbers restfully on his pad, as the sound of slurping coffee is heard faintly in the echoes of a tiresome yawn.

© Patti Watts July 17, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Spectrum


by Patti Hoesten-Watts

How mightily life's sword thrusts between the eyes, like fierce hailstones clamoring onto the unsuspecting pavement below. Is life all that it seems, or do we quietly and patiently sit by the window awaiting the joy of a rainbow in the formidable sky? What colors the spectrum of this rainbow? Perhaps a fiery red heart? What difference if it is not Valentine's Day. A green light signaling that one's line is not busy? A note of friendship written on the pale blue parchment paper hidden beneath the pile of promises to keep? The violet fragrance of the 'forget-me-not'? The yellow-orange butterfly heralding a season...a new season to help give wings to the fragile and the forgotten. As the rainbow gradually fades from view, so goes to, the concealed treasures that once could be found at the points at the ends of the spectrum.

Once again the new gale brings winds of hope; the hailstones which once pained, like tears on a sore and sorry eye now dwell on a sea of tranquility.... as a new colorful rainbow looms in the distance. ©