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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Power Point Presentations And Slide Share

Miscrosoft Power Point is a wonderful way to design and create the perfect slide show presentation of all your favorite photos or images to share with your family and friends. I receive so many lovely Power Point Presentations in my e-mail from friends and it is amazing how crisp and clear and especially professional everythng looks. Microsoft offers an excellent tutorial online which will take you step by step through each process, although the program is extremely user friendly and chances are you may not even need a tutorial. Here is the link to their tutorial if needed:

If you already have Microsoft on your computer then you probably already have Power Point available for your use.
Once you have created your Presentation you will save it to your hard drive and you can easily attach the Presentation to your e-mails. Also note that if you are a Blogger you can also share your own Presentations or others on you personal blogs. You can do this by by visiting

It will only take just a couple of minutes to establish and account with them and then you can upload any of your favorite slide shows or presentations to their website. Once that part is completed you can grab the code to embed the Presentation/s of your choice on to your blog. The code can be easily pasted into your page element for java or html and you are all set.

Express Yourself Today.....Use Power Point and SlideShare!