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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Galactic Suite

I have realized lately that I have had "outer space" on my mind a lot and seem to be focusing some of my posts on items of this nature, but I promise not to make it a habit, as there are so many other things of interest to me that I would like to share as well. Today I happened to be reading an article about "The Galactic Suite" which will be the first hotel planned in space, and is expected to be available for visitors around the year 2012. The above photo is an artist's rendering of what it is expected to look like. I understand that it has been calculated that there are approximately 40,000 people in the world who could afford this chance of a lifetime, at a mere cost of $4 million for a few days in space. So if you have been considering a vacation in an "airy" location with lots of "space", and the meager cost of a few million wouldn't catch you blinking an eye, then feast your thoughts on 5 years from now when jaunting into space for a long needed vacation might become a reality. Afterall, we only live once and we may as well make life worthwhile. Click on the image for the full story.