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Monday, August 6, 2007

A Gift From The Sea

Recently I had been watching a wonderful documentary on television about spectacular marine life in our oceans and seas, some species of life which had only been recently discovered. I was amazed to see such wonders of this underwater world in such vibrant colors, shapes and forms. It made me realize that perhaps I have taken so much for granted just living within a stone's throw from the sea close to where I live. Since I enjoy beautiful photography very much, I embarked on an Internet search to find out more about some various underwater curiosities, particularly jellyfish and in doing so, I found myself more and more captivated with the articles I read about these wonderful sea creatures...although I might not feel so beguiled should I ever encounter one while taking a swim.

I came across this stunning photograph above of this Olindias Jellyfish. This is a photograph taken by a famous wildlife photographer, Frans Lanting, photographed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. This jellyfish is approximately 6 inches in diameter. I think this is one of the most sensational photographs I have ever observed. This photograph is also available in a desktop wallpaper for your computer here if you should have an interest. You can also find out more about this notable photographer, Frans Lanting at his official website here You might also enjoy listening to A Lyrical, Multimedia 'Journey Through Time, a collaboration between Frans Lanting and famous American composer Philip Glass at National Public Radio.
So perhaps the next time you are taking a stroll along the beach, you might like to stop and ponder on some of the fascinating wonders beneath the sea that we might not normally think about. There is so much out there yet to be uncovered, and just when we thought everything possible to be discovered had been discovered, another life form unfolds and embraces our imagination.