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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bussing On Shaky Ground

Yesterday while I was on the bus going into our local town for a medical appointment a 'Special Needs' person boarded the bus a couple of stops after I had gotten on. After a few minutes this gentleman realized he had boarded the wrong bus and approached the driver to tell him that he was on the wrong bus. The bus driver immediately started growling a carrying on in a very cruel and inhumane way with this individual, and even went so far as to yell at the passenger saying, "What do you think I am, a mind reader?" The bus driver just wouldn't let up and carried on in a very bastardly manner towards this man. I happened to be sitting in the front seat of the coach and observed the whole scene and heard every word. I actually sat there frozen in shock as I just could not believe my ears. I wanted so badly to confront the driver, but he was driving, and I did not want to get caught up in an argument or do anything to jeopardize the rest of the passengers on the bus while the bus was in motion. The poor man was just so apologetic to the driver for his having gotten on the wrong bus, but this sure did not seem to sway the driver and the driver's tone increased and he continued ranting on to this passenger who was just so beside himself by now. He let the passenger off a couple of stops later and continued to grumble to himself. I decided not to say a thing, yet I would wait until I got home after my appointment to call and lodge a complaint against the driver with the bus company. The bus company staff were extremely sympathetic about the situation and assured me that they would take every step to make sure that this would never ever happen again with any of their bus operators. Although I felt better having gotten it all off my chest, it just made me realize why it is no wonder there is no peace in this world. So many people are just not ready to reach out to others in a kinder and gentler way. If we cannot contribute to love and peace in our own back yards, then where is it to begin for goodness sake. There was no excuse for the manner in which this person was treated by this public servant, and whether it be a 'Special Needs' person or not I still find it appalling that so many people are treated so poorly in this world. If everyone on this planet would just reach out to one person with a gift of kindness and endearment, then maybe....just maybe we could realize a lot less tension in this world. Life is too short to be growling and finding fault with those near to us and to those afar.
Let peace begin today....let it begin with a loving attitude toward our neighbors!