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Friday, September 7, 2007

Remembering Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti
October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007

click arrow above on the left to hear Luciano Pavarotti singing
Nessun Dorma

Yesterday was a very sad day for me as I heard of the passing of one of the most famous Tenors that ever lived. Luciano Pavarotti died at the age of 71 as a result of complications of Pancreatic Cancer at his home in Modena, Italy. It is a great loss for so many people throughout the world, and the opera, classical, and pop music stages will never be the same without the powerful voice and presence of this master performer who has pleased and overwhelmed the world for decades. I for one love classical music and opera more than any other kind of music and Luciano Pavarotti's music has always touched my heart so deeply. I have always considered him to be one of the most consummate performing artists in the world. I am fortunate to have a great collection of his music, and I hope by sharing the above song "Nessun Dorma" with you that you that you might find enjoyment in the same.

We will dearly miss you Luciano!

You can also view a You Tube Video of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma HERE

Lyrics: Nessun Dorma

Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! Tu pure, o,
Principessa, nella tua fredda stanza, guardi le stelleche fremono d'amoree di
speranza. Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me, il nome mio nessun sapra! No, no, sulla
tua bocca lo diroquando la luce splendera! Ed il mio bacio sciogliera il
silenzioche ti fa mia! ( Il nome suo nessun sapra!...e noi dovrem, ahime,
morir!) Dilegua, o notte! Tramontate, stelle! Tramontate, stelle! All'alba
vincero!vincero, vincero!


None must sleep! None must sleep! And you, too,
Princess, in your cold room, gaze at the stars which tremble with love and hope! But my mystery is locked within me, no-one shall know my name! No, no, I shall say it
as my mouth meets yours when the dawn is breaking! And my kiss will break the
silence which makes you mine! (No-one shall know his name, and we, alas, shall
die!) Vanish, o night! Fade, stars! At dawn I shall win!