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Friday, July 27, 2007

So This Is Titahi Bay

Although I hail from Long Island, New York, I have made my home in Titahi Bay, New Zealand, where I reside with my wonderful husband who is a Kiwi bloke himself having lived in New Zealand all of his life. A Kiwi is also the national bird of New Zealand. Titahi Bay is a lovely seaside town in the suburb of Porirua in the North Island of New Zealand by the Tasman Sea. My husband captured this photo last weekend as we set out for the hills overlooking the Bay and the Sea to take some photos of our area to send home to the family back in America. This is the Bay itself and our local beach and it is quite pretty, especially when you are viewing it at a high distance. It was not a perfectly clear day, but it should give you and idea of what our surrounding area looks like. Porirua itself is a suburb of Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand. It is a city that seems to always be expanding with new megacenters and shops. I will endeavor to get some photos of the area when we have some finer weather. Wellington being the capital of New Zealand is alive and rich with culture. It so much reminds me of a mini New York City, so I feel quite at home when I have to dash into the city for something. My favorite restaurant in New Zealand is in Wellington..... The Flying Burrito Brothers, a fantastic, vibrant and colorful place to eat with the best Mexican food ever.
From time to time I will post tidbits about this great city where I live now, and do click into the links I have provided for more detailed information.