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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 April 3, 2013
Freedom of speech is one of the most wonderful assets we have gained as Americans as a result of our Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.  I just wanted to share my heart and feelings about some thoughts that are very heavy on my mind and in my heart right now.
I posted all of the following to my Facebook Timeline and I also wanted to share it here on my Blog.  In the event that the comment field on Facebook might not afford the space to my lengthy words I am posting it here for that reason.  I have also made a notation on Facebook with a link to this Blog of mine that if my comments could not all be read to visit right here to see everything. 
Several people made comments to my initial post on Facebook, and you are more than welcome to view everything inclduding comments back on my Facebook Timeline.  If you are not on my Facebook list as of present and wish to read everything in its entirety please let me know your Facebook name in full and I will be happy to add you as a friend.  Then you can freely go to my TimeLine.
Every Day Does Matter!
Here is my initial post just before Easter and following after that is the post I have just written today.  Also please be sure to read the letter in which Mr. Harold B.Estes (deceased 2011) Retired U.S. Navy had written to President Obama.  It is on my Timeline as well. along with my pre Easter Facebook post.
Hi Everyone,

I have thought hard and long about sharing this post which I read today. I had been wavering back and forth about sharing because I know that things of a political nature can bring out the best or the worst in some people, and my intent is not to gain enemies, nor does my sharing of this post necessarily mean I am looking for new friends. My true friends know who they are and are always with me no matter what we are thinking politically, and we may not agree on everything which is perfectly fine with each other. I was actually quite taken in by Mr. Este's post on Facebook which I read today and yes I decided to go ahead and share his post after all. There is a lot to be said here about Mr. Este's thoughts and feelings and especially for me as a U.S.Navy Veteran.

I have encountered quite a lot of anti-Americanism over the 15 years that I have lived here in New Zealand. I began thinking it was just a New Zealand thing. Then I started to do a lot of reading about the mind set of Americans under our present administration as well as the mind set of other people living outside of America, and New Zealand and have found some extraordinary results. I should take a moment to mention that although I live in New Zealand I am an American through and through. I was born a Yankee from Queens New York and I am proud to say that I am still a Yankee...always was....always will be. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. In much of my reading and talking with people I found that people always in the past would look up to America like a big brother, but things have changed so quickly over the past few years and from what I can see so many people are looking down at America.....the people and the government. There are millions of people...but only one government in America. Now who is responsible for the so called "lack luster' state of affairs in America?......the people or the government? Can millions of wonderful people in all of America all be wrong? There are good and bad things taking place in America everyday. But hey, guess what? There are good and bad things happening in every country, city and town all over the world every day. But why is America now the bad apple in the barrel? Could it be that non Americans are too quick to listen to negative comments about our country, especially when many of those comments are those which are coming right from our own president? When I hear or see interviews and speeches on the television with Obama, I often get the feeling that he is ashamed of the American people. Gosh, not every American is a drug dealer or someone commiting crimes or someone out there shooting innocent school children. Yes there are significant problems, I admit, but with every person in America or elsewhere commiting horrendous acts there are millions more that are not. I think for any president to consider himself or herself a decent leader, they should reassess the negatives and accentuate the positives, not withstanding, however, the negatives should be dealt with accordingly and praise given where praise is due. In my humble opinion it is about time Obama put his money where his mouth is and start realizing that America is still a wonderful country as a whole and to stand by that for the duration of his administration. Who needs a leader who hates the country he is residing over. Sounds all to hypocritical to me. I am not asking anyone to 'share' this, nor am I asking anyone to 'like' this. I am merely just expressing my opinion....and not looking at all to start an argument. One thing though if you have another minute or so, please read the post from Mr. Estes. I won't mind at all if you have other opinions and feel free to share if you like. I am not here to convert...but merely "just sayin"! Hugs From Patti P.S. America I am with you through thick and thin! And by the way, don't worry America......Israel is behind you...just some last minute food for thought!
Post of April 3, 2013 by Patti Hoesten-Watts to my Facebook Timeline New Zealand time.
Dear Friends,
I had wanted to make a couple of more comments on this topic, and I do apologize for the couple of days that have lapsed, but since it was Easter weekend I just wanted to vegge out and relax, and not have to think of all the problems going on in America and around the world for a couple of days. Firstly I wanted also to mention that Mr. Harold B. Estes, who was the aformentioned individual in my post who sent the letter to Obama, had passed away in 2011.  I would have just loved to shake his hand for having the spirited initiative to express his feelings to Obama, and his letter of which he may not have ever even realized would have been read by so many people around the world.  He was truly a very gifted man and a true Patriot in every sense of the word.  I thank all of you for your comments on this thread by the way, and I have just a couple of items to respond to.  I wholeheartedly agree with Robert in regards to America being a Christian nation, and as goes the Christian principles set forth by our founding Fathers. And thank you by the way Robert for mentioning part of the poem embedded inside the pedestal of The Statue of Liberty with our great Lady with the Torch. It is obviously true that America has alway been a melting pot' for people of all different beliefs too, and that is so perfectly fine with me...but do remember that Christianity's basic tenants boil down to  "Love One Another". John 13:34-35...."A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another... by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  That indeed is what Christianity is all about, and it is because of Christianity that America has so widely opened their arms and harbors to millions of people...individuals of  all different races and creeds.  And while yes, this is a nation consisting of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems and many other creeds, it is from Christian principles that made this possible for people of all different religions to exist here.  Also, as far as oppression of women and slavery, I personally...and I say personally, I don't feel in my heart that Amercia was actually built on slavery and opression to women.  Oppression and slavery were around since time immemorial even before our Constitution and before our Declaration of Independence were ever written.  America became the wonderful country that she is  because of great people like Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery.....and amazing people like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who contributed greatly to make it possible for women to vote today for example.  I think I may have mentioned in my previous posts that there are many problems that America still faces...just like any other country, and many people wonder why it takes so long for any good to come to a country/nation.  Firstly, we will never see world peace, probably never in our generation, because we need leaders that understand the problems thorougly, seeking not only the advice from administrative figureheads in America, but also seeking input from leaders of other countries but Also Seeking Input From The 'Real People' That Make America And Other People Around The World.  What I dislike so much is seeing a President that always seems like he is on a campaigning mission, trying to win and influence people over with speech after speech and interview after interview. The election is over already!  All that time and energy spent for what?  I would think that much more could be accomplished by sticking to the Oval Office and solving problems that are at hand.  Some of you may laugh or even be outraged by my following statement, but it would at least be an indication to me that even someone is reading this continuous thread.  I am not bashing the President in the usual sense of the word. Actually it is directly the opposite. I love Barack Obama.  It is what most Christians call 'Agape Love' ...unconditional love...the love of fellow man!  No one can take that away from me because it is my nature as a Christian to love everyone.  But what I have endeavored to point out is that I 'DISLIKE ' some of the things that Obama is doing or not doing to strengthen America and to strive for peace, and being the kind of President that we need during these turbulent times.  If anyone thinks that the state of affairs in America as well as the rest of the world is bad now.....just wait. 'You ain't seen nothing yet, baby'.  It is scary to think I/We are living through all the fighting going on around us and just nothing that I can do about it personally except pray, and to know that many of my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces are being killed in the name of 'PEACE' is so mindboggling..... and the same for other countries.   Anyway we need to dig way down inside of our souls and perhaps even be the next 'Harold B. Estes', and write to Obama expressing our feelings about the problems we face ahead of us in America and the rest of the world.  There is nothing like a good old fashioned 'love letter'.  Let's be heard...let's join hands in the face of friendship and start the 'Peace' right in our own back yards.  If millions would open up their feelings to The White House , it just may be a start....just sayin!  One letter is not enough, and a handshake to Obama in a crowded auditorium will not solve the problems of the world either.  It goes much farther than that.   If you are not into writing letters, that is perfectly fine, and I am not even saying that writing letters to Obama is a surefire answer either.  But we must each strive in our own ways to promote 'PEACE'....starting within our hearts with our families and Friends and Neighbors. Only then can world peace be more than a vision we can only dream about.  And thank you dear Robin for your comments as well, and I agree with you too that it does not matter now what happened in the is firmly what we can all do about the future.....if there will ever be one for each of us.  Well I have gone off on a long tangent here but I just wanted to finish off my thoughts about my original Facebook post.  I am also going to be placing my comments on my 'Every Day Matters Blog in the event that for some reason my words are too lengthy and won't all fit into the comment section of my post.  By the way, for some reasons unbeknown to me some of my posts have been erradicated from my timeline which is why I am also choosing to add this to my Blog.  Here is my Blog page:     I had not been posting very much to my Blogs for quite some time due to some serious health issues, but since I have several Blogs including a Food Blog, Inspirational Blog, Christian Blog, Chocolate Blog etc in which you can find links for them on my 'Everyday Matters Blog on the right hand side of the page as you scroll down.  I am doing my best to start to be more active now since I have been give an almost clean bill of health by my Doctors.  Please feel free to comment either on my Blog or on FaceBook if you wish.  Sorry if I have ruffled and feathers but I just had to share from my heart.  Take care my friends and be well.  Much love from Patti in New Zealand.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year Friends

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My Life Is Full Of Favorite Things
One Is The Flamingo
It has been such a long...very long time since I have posted, but one thing for certain is that I am so happy I did not delete my Blog pages all together, as I am about to start blogging again.  I had some very serious health issues over the past couple of years which eventually resulted in a spinal fusion this past August.  My recovery was relatively a slow one and one with too many restrictions.  I was unable to sit comfortably for more than a few minutes at a time and spent many a day flat on my back staring at the ceiling.  I am still in physiotherapy which will still go on for many more weeks.  Soon I will be starting hydro therapy in our hospital's physio pool and I am looking forward to that for sure.
So much has happened since 2010 but I would like to begin afresh and it is good to be be back with everyone.  Little by little I will be revamping my Blog as I think some new changes are evident, but for tonight I am just getting my feet wet once again and I will be into full swing soon.  I see that there have been a huge number of people reading my existing  Blog over the past two years....even in my absence and  I truly thank you for that, and it is one of the main reasons I have to start blogging once again.  I have missed it so much and I will endeavor to make my posts enjoyable and interesting.
In the something special for yourself!
Hugs From Patricia In New Zealand